Introducing… The HYPER SBD Program

On June 1, the HYPER SBD training program will be LIVE.

photo-12-4-17-3-58-57-pmHYPER SBD Details:

The coaching program is a frequency based sub-maximal strength & hypertrophy training program that is catered perfectly for building strength & muscle or retaining it whilst losing body fat.

Programming is centred around sub-maximal intensities & frequency based training protocols, operating predominantly in strength & hypertrophy rep ranges. Training loads are calculated & tailored individually using specific percentages of individual one rep maxes (1RM) to drive progress, develop strength & ensure sustainable increases in total training volume over time to promote building/ retaining muscle mass.

What does that mean? The focus is on lifting more and more total weight over time, without ever taking you to the point of failure (and hence a reduction in performance/ training volume over time), so that you can recover effectively & continue to demand more from your body. The body adapts to an increase in training stimulus over time, rather than being shocked by new exercises, and the program has been created in a manner that allows continual progression in terms of strength and training volume. Think of this program as the ultimate fusion between the very best of the strength/ powerlifting & bodybuilding worlds, to further promote building strength & muscle or retaining it if you’re looking to get leaner.

Included as part of the program is extensive (yet optional) mobility work to assist with recovery, enhance range of motion & assist the muscle building/ muscle retention/ flexibility process. Given the workload & focus on increased volume over time this will also help to ensure your muscles and joints are as healthy as possible.

As part of the HYPER SBD program, you’ll be granted access to an exclusive 30 Day Introduction to Flexible Dieting E-Course. You’ll be taken through the specifics of flexible dieting, learn how to calculate and track your calories/ macros to improve your body composition, tweak your approach to ensure optimal progress and overcome any weight loss/ gain plateaus & create the ultimate diet in line with personal preference & practicality. This e-course is drip fed over the course of 30 days to ensure the knowledge is retained as best as possible & that you actually take it all in. It also includes daily videos, articles & science/ evidence based research, articles & information.

You’ll be added into a secret Facebook community run by me, which will give you the opportunity to interact with other HYPER SBD members, ask any questions you might have, remain accountable & spitball any issues you might be having with either your training program or nutrition. The Facebook group will also include additional exclusive content available only to members as well as regular live videos & Q&As. Content will be posted on a weekly basis & won’t be available anywhere else.

There is also an additional email newsletter attached to the program, providing further additional content that won’t be found anywhere else.

How is the content delivered?:

The training program & related content will be delivered through web-based software via log-in. Your program will be specific to you & your training targets & individual sessions will be catered to your individual strength & goals. For ease of use, the program can also be downloaded as a stand-alone app to your smartphone. There is the opportunity for two-way communication directly through the app to assist with ensuring sessions have been programmed effectively & any issues tackled promptly.

Hyper SBD Program Inclusions:

  • Fully customisable & individualised strength/ hypertrophy training programming
  • Exercise variety in line with personal preference
  • Mobility/ Flexibility programming
  • Cardio (if required)
  • 30 Day Introduction to Flexible Dieting E-Course
  • Team NCF: Hyper SBD Facebook Community Access
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Exclusive weekly content via Facebook
  • Exclusive weekly content via email
  • Video Exercise Tutorials (built into the app)

Introductory Pricing:

$49 per month.

Who is this for?:

  • Males AND females
  • Those looking to get stronger
  • Those looking to get better at squats/ bench presses/ deadlifts
  • Those looking to build muscle/ grow their glutes/ build their chest/ increase the size of their arms/ get bigger in general
  • Those looking to retain as much muscle mass as possible while getting leaner
  • Those that want to look better naked
  • Those needing direction & accountability in the gym
  • Those that are sick of paying hundreds of dollars per month to make gains

I’ve always struggled with how to help more people in a more affordable manner. No more.

Stay TUNED. Places will be LIMITED. Pre-registration open shortly.

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