Matt Wyllie

I’ve been working with Matt for roughly 6 months. We have been gradually adding calories to his intake over that time. He is now eating over 1000 calories more than when he originally begin trying to grow & as you can see, he has made some impressive improvements. He’s gained a couple of kilos however his body composition has drastically improved. Sure, everybody responds differently & not everybody will be able to handle 125+ grams of fat & 560+ grams of carbs per day (yep, that’s what he’s currently eating), but if you aren’t working as hard as this man does in the gym & in the kitchen, then you really won’t ever know if you could be too.

Focus on gaining weight & adding calories to your intake slowly over time. Avoid any drastic changes/ increases & you’ll be able to control the rate at which you gain in a far more effective manner. Essentially, the slower you gain, theoretically the leaner you will remain & the less work you will ultimately have to do in terms of fat loss when dieting down. Slow & steady wins the race. Be the damn tortoise.

We may be heading into summer in Australia, but if it’s time for you to start filling out your shirts a little more, increase the intensity of your training sessions or simply become more of a presence, then make sure to hit up the page with an inbox message. Just tell me why it’s so important to you to improve your physique & what’s been holding you back up until this point. We might even be able to put a plan in place.