Snapchat Q & A #2 – 16 Nov 2015

Thoughts on cyclical bulking?

Hitting your macros but not calories – will there be any issues when in a surplus?

Thoughts on time under tension?

Thoughts on mind-muscle connection?

What type of training did I do before DUP & being sponsored by ON?

Do I have a specific approach to arm training? How do I get them to grow? –

In the last few weeks I’ve finally gained weight – will I definitely lose my abs if I continue to eat at a surplus?

Low reps with high weight or high reps with low weight?

How lean should you get before bulking? Is it possible to burn fat during the initial stages of a surplus?

Weight loss plateau after updating intake – what to do?

Is it ok to cut with flexible dieting & bulk with DUP?

How do you warmup for big lifts?

What are my current stats – weight, height, body fat %, macros

How to get rid of lower back fat?

Ab exercises that don’t affect the shoulder?

Artificial sweeteners – thoughts & is there a point where it becomes bad?

Does it matter what you break your fast with?

How long should you wait to change your macros & should protein stay consistent at each meal.

Should I lower my macros when bulking for rest days?

What are my opinions on competing