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Not Motivated To Hit Gym? Do This

Picture this… You’ve just come home from a long day of dealing with bullsh*t at work. One of your co-workers made a mistake and you were the one who had to stay late to clean it up. Then you got stuck in traffic. And to top it all off, once you got home, you realized the tap is broken and you’re going to need to get that fixed at some point. I bet the last thing you want to do right now is go to the gym. Even worse… It’s leg day. But you’re not injured, you’re not under-slept and you’re not under-fed… So there’s no real excuse for not hitting the gym. The real problem is that motivation is at an all time low. What do you do?

The solution is simple…

Go to the gym.

I know that’s not the answer you wanted but hear me out…

We think motivation works like this:

Step One: Get motivated

Step Two: Take action

It works like this too:

Step One: Take action

Step Two: Get motivated

In fact, you’ll probably get more motivation from taking action first

Then you would from those random hits of motivation after watching a Rocky movie or listening to a David Goggins podcast.

Taking action first is a purposeful, positive, self-fulfilling loop that improves other areas in your life, too.

This is why many of the people you see in the gym at 5am also tend to have successful careers.

I'm sure you’ve seen them all walking out of the gym at 730am in their suits, getting into their Audi’s and BMW’s.

It’s because they took action in one area of their life which motivated them in other areas, too.

As a coach it’s very common to hear from clients:

“My whole life has improved now that I’m on top of my training and nutrition. I have more confidence, more energy for my family and feel better in my work, too”.

And for sure, good nutrition gives you more energy and losing fat gives you more confidence…

But maybe some of that energy is actually motivation and some of that confidence is actually self esteem achieved from doing something hard…

Even when you didn’t want to.

Especially when you didn’t want to.

Because motivation is just an emotion. It’s like trying to hold water in your hands - no matter how tight a grip you keep some will always run away from you.

But you can dip your hands back into the overflowing sink (remember the tap was broken) and get more motivation by simply taking action first.

The trick with the gym is…

Eat your pre-workout meal, pack your gym bag, put your $wag on and get to the gym before you’ve even had a chance to think.

The human brain seeks the path of least resistance so if we spend too long evaluating the pro’s and con’s we will always end up talking ourselves out of it.

And we would miss out on not only a potentially great workout and some gains, but also some self-created motivation, which would fuel infinitely more parts of our life.

You know what else is incredibly motivating?


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​Apart from a little body fat, of course.

- Nick