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Have you ever wondered why some people at the gym seem to continually grow more muscle & get stronger week in week out & yet others seem to stay the same despite training for months?


It may come as a surprise to you, but I didn’t always look the way I do now and I definitely haven’t been strong all my life. 


For more than a decade, I’ve been testing different exercises, programs, training splits & styles, learning what it takes to build lean muscle & strength consistently.


Some of the most commonly asked questions I get on a weekly basis are: 


* What training split do you do? *
* What exercises do you do for X muscle group? *
* How frequently do you train? *


And now, I’m finally peeling back the curtain & giving you exclusive access to my training programming so that you can train smarter, build more lean muscle & get stronger. 


For the first time ever, you’ll get the opportunity to join a private community & train alongside me with your very own exclusive app. 


Right now, you’ve got the chance to follow along with my workouts each & every week & make consistent progress with me & my amazing Squad.


**(And YES, these are literally the workouts that I do myself!)**


Track every rep of every set of every workout you do and push yourself further every time you train. The bespoke app allows you to edit your workouts, track your lifts, total session training volume & keep track of your 1RMs and volume PRs to help you make more progress more quickly.

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Video footage and technical help with your lifting and all of the exercises in the program so you can get bigger, stronger & way more jacked. 

Plus - detailed session analysis & lifetime tracking metrics so you can better track your progress & lifting history.

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Better, more frequent communication means better problem solving, fewer roadblocks and faster progress. Get access directly to ME via the Group Chat right from within the app, whilst connecting with other members of Squad who are all on the same mission as you are.

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Bro Splits: Pure Magic or Pure Shite?

Back when I was a skinny, insecure teenager, I’d spend hours every night reading through the interviews on the Simply Shredded website. ​ Time and time again I’d read that these dudes that I looked up to were all training one muscle a day & pounding it into oblivion. ​ I’m talking 30-50 sets a session, 8 hour arm workouts and always focusing on one single muscle group at a time. ​ And for some reason, despite all of the evidence we now have, some people still hit chest on Monday, Back on Tuesday and so on. ​ Maybe a Bro Split is a great idea if you’re happy to train 11 days a week and take copious amounts of gear... ​ But if you’re just looking to build a bit of muscle or get a little leaner, here’s why following a Bro Split might be a bit of a shite plan.

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NEVER Do This [PLUS - Free Training Programs]

Following a training program is DAY. ONE. SHIT. Not following a training program is like trying to navigate from one side of a foreign country to the other, on roads you’ve never seen, without using the Maps app on your iPhone. . You might get there, eventually. But, probably not.

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How Many Meals Should You Eat Each Day To Lose Fat? (The Definitive Answer)

Most people eat 3 square meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people skip breakfast. Some even eat only One Meal Per Day. You’ve probably seen bodybuilders eating 6 or even more meals out of tupperware containers - because it’s always out of tupperware. But what’s the best when it comes to losing body fat, getting leaner AND keeping it off? Does eating 6 small meals boost your metabolism? Or is it skipping breakfast which lights the fire instead?

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