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Real people with real stories that will blow you away. Hundreds of kilos lost, hundreds of kilos of muscle gained, and thousands of lives transformed.

Andy F

'Nic helped me lose 9kg and get shredded! My abs have never looked so good. It only took 12 weeks - the guy is a genius, and I didn't have to do any cardio.'

Amanda R

'I lost 7kg in 12 weeks with Nick's help and haven't looked back. Tracking my macros has become a part of my life.'

Aimee Nna

'I lost 6kg working with Nick in only 12 weeks.'

Aaron N

Nick helped me lose almost 8kg in 12 weeks. It was super easy - he broke everything down to make my life easier and let me eat foods that I wanted to eat. There was no pain at all, which was honestly what I was expecting.'

Vijay C

'Nick helped me lose 9kg in a three month period. I never really understood how to diet, but he broke everything down for me and checking in each week helped me really stay on track, knowing that he'd be looking over me and my progress.'

Tamika A

'With Nick's help I lost 7kg! Dieting has never been so easy - it's been so nice to be able to eat foods I actually like for a change and still lose weight!'

Mark K

'Nick helped me lose 6kg in 12 weeks. I can see my abs starting to show and feel better than I ever have. I normally find dieting really hard, but this has been super easy.'

Marcello P

'Nick helped me lose over 11kg in just three months. I was able to eat my favourite foods, didn't have to do any cardio and never felt like I had to starve myself. I can't wait to see what the future holds as we continue to work together.'

Josh Z

'Under Nick's guidance I was able to lose almost 20lbs in three months. Being able to check-in each week to ensure I was on track and having him respond with video was unreal. I can't believe I look like this.'

David B

'Nick helped me lost 19lbs in just 12 weeks. I never thought I'd be able to do that, and I feel so confident that I can keep this up.'

Wesley W

'Nick's plan was so easy to follow - I lost over 15kg and have no signs of slowing down.'

Chelsea L

'Nick helped me prep for two WBFF shows. I never thought I could be this lean, nor did I ever think I would place second! Over the moon.'

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Pat H

'Nick helped me lost over 25kg and build better habits. I always struggled with food and knowing how to diet or when to eat - he simplified everything for me and kept me accountable with his weekly check-ins.'

Thomas B

'Nick helped me prep for three shows, as well as coached me between each of them. Every time I stood on stage I was leaner and heavier, and his off-season training programs consistently allowed me to get stronger in order to pursue my powerlifting goals. Checking in weekly was a game changer and something I really appreciated.'

Tom I

'Nick prepped me for ANB Nationals where I placed 3rd. He taught me how to eat foods I love and made the dieting experience so much less painful than I thought it had to be. No chicken and broccoli ever - huge win.'

Tom D

'Nick helped me drop over 20kg. Now I understand how to diet and how to eat for my goals, and feel like I can do it on my own.'

Steven W

'I have never been so lean in my entire life. Nick helped me prep for my first bodybuilding show - goes without saying that my conditioning blew everyone else away. The whole dieting experience was super easy, and being able to check-in each week and then each day in the two weeks leading up to my show really put me at ease. He covered everything, and I won my show.'

Steve M

'Nick helped change my life. I was 20kg overweight and struggling with day to day activites, but with Nick's help, I changed my habits and had to replace my entire wardrobe. What was once a complete mystery now makes complete sense, and I feel like I have the tools to maintain these results for the rest of my life.'

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