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That One Mate Who Can Eat Whatever They Want

You know that one mate of yours who can eat ANYTHING he wants and NEVER seems to gain weight? F*ck that guy, right? Kidding.

Let me paint you a picture. 

It’s Saturday afternoon.

You and some friends from work are out for a cold one before the footy. You’re pumped because you’ve smashed your diet every day this week.

But now that little bit of anxiety creeps in because you don’t want to go over your macros and ruin your progress.

But you also don’t want to be “that guy” who’s not having a drink and eating food. 

You want to enjoy yourself, too. 

To make things worse…

THAT guy is here. You know the one. That guy who can eat and drink WHATEVER he wants and never seems to gain any weight.

Look at him, knocking back his pint, eating those hot chips like they’re nothing. 


What do you do?

Do you tell everyone you’re not hungry so you don’t have to eat? 

Do you tell them you’ve got a half marathon the next morning so you can’t drink?

Yeah no-one’s buying that…


How about instead, you say fuck it and go all in. 

I mean, you were perfect ALL week and you’re tired of being SO damn restricted.

3 pints, a plate of fries, a burger, 6 BBQ wings and 2 slices of pizza later… 

You’re feeling like trash.

But your partner’s asked you to pick up ice cream on the way home and even though you’re already sick to your stomach…

You’ve already gone way over today. So you might as well go even deeper into the hole and have the other half of that tub of Ben & Jerry’s, right?

You crawl into bed agonizingly full, and disappointed in yourself for undoing the rest of the week’s worth of progress.

But above all…

You’re mostly just pissed off at that one mate who can seem to eat whatever he wants without gaining any weight.


Sunday morning rolls around. 

Actually it’s the afternoon - you slept in all day and skipped your workout. 

Might as well get junk food today then get back on track tomorrow. Because - yaknow - everything starts on a Monday.


Monday morning rolls around and you check the scale. It’s not good news.

You know what? You’re going to fast the ENTIRE day so you can “undo” the damage done over the weekend and lose weight as quickly as possible.

Off to work. 

Everything’s going fine until… You see him. 

That asshole who can eat whatever he wants and never seems to gain any weight. 

Worst of all - he’s eating some chocolate biscuits with his cup of tea.

“WTF… Here I am starving myself all day and this guy can drink beer and eat chocolate and looks great without gaining any fat!"

“What does he know that I don’t?”

If you’ve ever had this thought you should know - it’s incredibly common.


As someone who’s been on both sides of that equation I can tell you…

The issue is not what this guy knows, that you don’t.

The issue is your perception of what’s really happening.

Because here’s what you didn’t see…

This guy was drinking beer but he actually just had one pint.

He was eating a burger and chips but half the chips were left on his plate when he got full.

He called it a night and had a glass of water as soon as he got home so he was hydrated, got a good sleep and then hit the gym the next day. 

He stayed on track with his regular routine, knowing that one meal out wasn’t going to ruin a week’s worth of progress.

And he didn’t feel the urge to stuff himself all weekend, punish himself for it, feel overly restricted and start the cycle all over again.

He got up on Monday morning, went for a run before work, had oats and some fruit for breakfast, got to the office and now he’s having a chocolate biscuit.

But the chocolate biscuit and the beers are the only thing you’ve seen.

What you haven’t seen is everything in-between.

Not to mention the fact that this guy’s been doing this for years and… 


What the fitness industry doesn't really tell you is…

This fitness thing gets easier.

Things you hate become things you love. Routines become habits. Habits become part of your identity.

You just need to stick through long enough to get there.

Trust me - I’ve been there.

I’ve looked at guys and wondered how they got the physiques they have.

Then I did it myself.

Now people say I’m that guy.

The problem you need to solve isn’t your friend, your metabolism, your age or your genetics - although they all play a role.


The issue is your all or nothing mentality.

An all or nothing mentality might help you succeed in business, the workplace, maybe even in dating.

But not in fitness.

Because you can’t rush your health.

You need to be more consistent.

The problem wasn’t the beers or the burgers or the pizza or the half a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream… 

The problem was, the moment you thought you might screw up, you said f*ck it and you justified eating as much as physically possible and skipping your healthy habits for the rest of the weekend…

Which only made you feel worse.

It would be like driving on the open road then getting a flat tyre. Rather than simply calling the mobile mechanic or changing it yourself… You decide to take a knife and slash every other tyre. Then smash your windscreen, too for good measure.

Because if it ain’t perfect why do it at all, right?

But that’s not how health and fitness works. There’s no such thing as perfect.

So what you need to work on is not your metabolism, or fasting longer or figuring out what this guy knows that you don’t.

You just need to be more consistent.

Consistently good beats inconsistently perfect every time.


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- Nick