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What's The Best Diet For Fat Loss

Some people say you shouldn’t eat carbs because insulin makes you gain fat. Other people say don’t eat fats because fats make you gain fat. There are even people who even say don’t eat protein… I’m serious. Some people say don’t eat fruit because sugar makes you gain fat. So look… If you’re trying to lose fat… What do you do? Just don’t eat anything at all.

Oh… But then you’ll go into starvation mode and - you guessed it - apparently that makes you gain fat, too.


What can you eat?

Let me simplify things for you.

No food in isolation makes you gain fat.

Not donuts, not ice cream, not rice or pasta or pizza, not beers with the boys or wines with the girls.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a list of the top 10 longest-living countries in the world:

The Japanese - they eat plenty of rice, right?

That’s a whole lot of carbs…

In Italy they eat pizza, pasta, and gelato.

That’s carbs AND fats… Sugar too!

Here in Australia we eat fish & chips, burgers and chicken parmey’s.

Yet we’re among the longest living populations in the world.

For sure, body composition is not a 1:1 correlation with life expectancy.


If these foods like pizza or pasta or rice were really that bad for you - you wouldn’t expect people who eat them every day to live long, right?

The truth is there are no foods which make you gain fat.

The only thing that makes you gain fat is an overconsumption of calories. That’s it.

Think of body fat as simply stored calories.

In order to help get rid of it, we need to eat fewer calories than we burn.

That way, our body essentially says “well we need to get energy from somewhere because we’re not getting enough from food… How about I use this stored form of energy - body fat instead?”

So… If your goal is fat loss.

Rather than focussing on avoiding certain foods because diet culture has scared you into it…

Or you saw some doctor on tiktok yelling at an apple…

Simply focus on the thing that matters most - controlling your calories.

Calories come first.

Getting the right amount of proteins, carbs and fats - your macros - comes second.

Getting the right micronutrients by eating “healthy” comes third.

There is no single ”best” or “healthiest” diet.

If there was, we would expect all of these countries which have the longest life spans, to all be eating the same food.

But they’re not - because all foods can be healthy if they’re part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

All foods can be consumed - even as part of a diet set up for fat loss - if you’re covering the right boxes.

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