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Build Insane Strength: Ultimate Guide To DUP

CURRENTLY HALF PRICE! Build insane strength by hitting main lifts multiple times per week, varying your training intensities & better managing your total training volume & recovery.

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The Science Behind Building
Insane Strength

  • Evidence-Based: The science behind frequency-based training protocols.
  • How to structure your weekly program: main lifts versus accessory work.
  • Specific Accessory Exercises: how to choose the perfect exercise combinations to build more strength & better support your main lifts.
  • Training 4, 5 or 6 Days Per Week: What works best, and how to structure your programming based on what is right for you.
  • Upper/ Lower Body Only: How to structure programming when you can only perform upper or lower body work.
  • AMRAPS: What they are and how they can accelerate your strength progression.
  • Weekly Progress & Training Blocks: Learn how to structure programming from week to week to ensure you consistently get stronger, week after week, without ever taking a step back.
  • Testing Your 1RM: How to do it and how to get the most out of your testing.
  • Deloads: What they are, why you need them and how they'll make you stronger.
  • How to Break Through Strength Plateaus: Why being stuck in a rut isn't your fault and how you can get past them with ease.

The IIFYM Bible

CURRENTLY HALF PRICE! The 350+ page nutrition manual that will answer all of your questions and give you the tools to lose more fat, build more muscle & build the physique of your dreams while eating all of your favourite foods.

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The Science Behind Nutrition

  • Learn how to calculate your daily calorie/ macro requirements for cutting, bulking, maintaining & everything in between.
  • Cut, bulk & maintain with more ease, and learn how to transition between the three dieting phases to make longer-term, more impressive gains.
  • Every diet debunked to help you make more progress more easily eating the foods you love.
  • Sample days of eating and macro tracking for various calorie intakes to help you diet more effectively.
  • How to effectively break through weight loss/ muscle gain plateaus so that you can make consistent progress, week on week.
  • How to: carb cycle & diet break for faster fat loss.
  • Why cheat meals are likely ruining your progress and how to eat foods you love without derailing your progress.
  • How to diet for muscle building and fat loss when you're on a budget.
  • How to stay on track during travel/ holidays/ meals out and still make incredible strength and muscle building progress.
  • Tips and tricks on the best proteins/ carbs/ fats/ foods in general for building muscle, losing fat and improving strength.
  • Why you don't ever have to worry about eating junk food, how you can eat more of it (within reason) & why you shouldn't worry about insulin.
  • How to drink alcohol without gaining body fat or ruining your progress in the gym.
  • The differences between dieting for males & females and how you can accelerate your fat loss and muscle building progress.
  • What to do when you get sick or BINGE so you don't gain a stack of unwanted fat or lose any muscle.
  • How to: pre, post & intra-workout nutrition to maximise your performance in the gym and build explosive amounts of muscle.
  • How To: Eat for muscle building/ fat loss/ powerlifting meets/ bodybuilding shows/ marathons and how you can 'peak' for events.
  • High GI, low GI & diabetes covered and debunked.
  • The best supplement advice available to accelerate your muscle building and fat loss progress.

Common Sense Supplements

CURRENTLY HALF PRICE! Accelerate your fat loss & muscle building progress in the gym with an extensive breakdown of the 17 Common Sense Supplements.

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Supplement Science

  • Evidence-Based: Everything inside this free download is backed by scientific research.
  • The Best Supplements to Build Muscle: Maximise the time you spend in the gym growing and adding size.
  • The Best Supplements to Lose Fat: Maintain more muscle and get leaner, faster.
  • Every Supplement Reviewed & Rated: Plus, how you can fix them FOREVER.
  • Myths Busted: Gain an insight into what works & what is wasting your time.
  • The BEST Most Effective Muscle Building STACK: Learn how you can combine supplements for more effective results.
  • Long-Term Progress: Learn how to structure your nutrition & supplementation in a way that allows you to make consistent progress for the rest of your life.


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