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How Many Workouts Per Week?

How many days per week should you workout? For most people, the more relevant question is how many days per week can you workout, within your busy schedule. But if you’re intent on figuring out ...

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Soreness ≠ Growth

We all know the feeling… After leg day, when you can barely walk down the stairs… Some people love it… Others hate it.

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'Best' Exercises For Muscle Growth

If you’re in need of a hand with more strategic programming to accelerate your muscle growth efforts, you should know that I’m looking for TWO new clients to jump into my high level GOLD ...

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Evidence Based Programming (Part 2) - Volume

Part 2 of the Evidence Based Training series is all about training volume. Volume refers to the total amount of weight you're lifting, and if you're not yet tracking or keeping tabs on this, this ...

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Evidence Based Programming (Part 1) - Frequency

This article explores the importance of frequency in an evidence-based program & the role it plays in building more strength, muscle & skill.

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The Anabolic Window (And Why It's Crap)

Here's why you probably don't need to worry about cracking your post-workout protein shake open before you finish your workout.

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Why Your 'Bro Split' Is Busted

Only ever trained one muscle group per day? The results are in - it's highly likely that you're leaving some serious gains on the table as a consequence.

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You're Not Training Hard Enough

Why do we need to train so hard to grow? Because muscle growth is stimulated by mechanical tension.

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