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A smokey gym & a half-million dollar camera

Earlier this month, I found myself thinking - how did I get here? ​ ​ ​I studied to become a personal trainer in 2008. I started working in a gym the following year. ​ ​ Back then, social media was nowhere as prevalent as it is today, and my intention was to simply do something I was interested in, that seemed to pay a little better than the $20 hourly rate that pulling beers at a pub would, while I studied something that I considered to be 'more substantial' at university.

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Fasting: A Closer Look

Still got questions about Intermittent Fasting? This should answer all of them.

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How To Eat Really BIG Meals (Without Blowing Your Macros)

Ever wanted to take down that towering triple-patty, ultra-cheesy, four extra pieces of bacon burger? Put in your order son - this is how you do just that, without blowing your macros & your fat loss progress.

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Drinking Alcohol & Hitting Your Macros

Keen for a few beers? Read this before you get lit & have a macro-tracking shocker, or if you're simply looking for a way to fit a few drinks into your daily calorie/ macro targets.

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