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Weekends Are Ruining Your Progress

Picture this: You’re walking across a bridge, it’s windy, there’s cars rushing past you. Damnit! You accidentally dropped $50 out of your wallet and watched it blow off into the distance, ...

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Cheat Meals Ruining Your Progress

This study surveyed #CHEATMEAL in 2017 and found 40% of these posts contained “intentional exposure of the body” and 15% contained a person exercising. Let’s get this out the way from the ...

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How To ACTUALLY Stick To Your Diet

The internet is full of people arguing over which diet is best. Keto, paleo, mediterranean-o…You can barely go to the grocery store these days without seeing someone making a TikTok yelling at ...

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That One Mate Who Can Eat Whatever They Want

You know that one mate of yours who can eat ANYTHING he wants and NEVER seems to gain weight? F*ck that guy, right? Kidding.

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A smokey gym & a half-million dollar camera

Earlier this month, I found myself thinking - how did I get here? ​ ​ ​I studied to become a personal trainer in 2008. I started working in a gym the following year. ​ ​ Back ...

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Fasting: A Closer Look

Still got questions about Intermittent Fasting? This should answer all of them.

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How To Eat Really BIG Meals (Without Blowing Your Macros)

Ever wanted to take down that towering triple-patty, ultra-cheesy, four extra pieces of bacon burger? Put in your order son - this is how you do just that, without blowing your macros & your fat ...

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Drinking Alcohol & Hitting Your Macros

Keen for a few beers? Read this before you get lit & have a macro-tracking shocker, or if you're simply looking for a way to fit a few drinks into your daily calorie/ macro targets.

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Rest Longer = More Gains?

Are you leaving gains on the table by not resting long enough between sets? When it comes to rest periods it’s a mixed bag.

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Not Motivated To Hit Gym? Do This

Picture this… You’ve just come home from a long day of dealing with bullsh*t at work. One of your co-workers made a mistake and you were the one who had to stay late to clean it up. Then you ...

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